Marci Beck is a singer/songwriter, living in Portland, Oregon. Marci has been singing her entire life. She remembers singing as early as age 2 and was always able to carry a tune. She was the lead alto in the grade school choir because she could always hear the part.

Marci graduated from Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, and taught high school music for 3 years. But Marci’s first love has always been singing. In college, Marci represented the school in a trio and also was a member of the touring choir.

Marci has taught piano lessons and directed several choirs, including a youth choir that she formed at her church. She takes great joy in helping others discover the music within them, as she believes everyone has a song within. Marci began writing songs in college. She would wake up with a complete song in her head and then go over to the music hall and write it out. Marci says that she still wakes up with songs in her head, which she then writes out; but she says that songs also come through in the shower and when driving her car – anywhere, anytime that ego is out of the way and her mind is not actively thinking about something.

Marci is a member of the Portland Center for Spiritual Living, where she has served on the CORE Council and is very active in the church community. When, about 12 years ago, the church decided to start a church chorus, Marci was among the first chorus members and has been in the chorus ever since – always singing and sometimes directing.

Marci is a member of the Portland Interfaith Gospel Choir – a group that is composed of people from all faiths and religions – that sings actively in Portland and the surrounding areas. Marci is also a member of the Pickled Peppers Kitchen Band, which is a group of 6 women, formed about 4 years ago, performing at events and places in the Portland area.

Marci believes that Spirit brings the songs through her and that she is simply a conduit for Spirit to come through. She believes she simply opens herself up for that to happen. And happen it does. In 2012, Marci released her first CD, Free, which included 9 of her original songs, all written since joining the Portland Center for Spiritual Living. Marci just released her second CD in December, 2015, with 16 additional original songs, performed by Portland new thought musicians.

Marci is a licensed spiritual practitioner at Portland Center for Spiritual Living. It is her desire to guide others into the same awareness that has enhanced and enriched her own life.